UTC Latin America (UTCAL) is a professional association prepared to meet telecommunications specialists working in energy companies, gas and water. Bringing together the leading technology providers in Latin America, UTCAL enables a constant exchange of knowledge and information, keeping their members updated properly in an area where technology is constantly changing.

The UTCAL works in partnership with Brazilian institutions, Latin American, North American and European, seeking and disseminating the main news on spectrum allocation, technology, regulation and the development of future energy systems.

Join the UTCAL and ensure access to the latest information on main items affecting the telecommunications energy companies, water and gas.

UTC Latin America:
· Recognizes the increasingly critical role that telecommunications play in the safety and reliability of the companies;
· Enables the exchange of expertise between companies with critical infrastructure, maximizing the benefits of using IT and Telecommunications (ICT);
· Works with regulators, supporting the interests of its members.

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