Electric utilities are undergoing a major transformation due to the Digitization. In the new model, the overlay of the main business (electricity) and digital functions (IT/OT) will provide a response to current challenges:

  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Public policy
  • Development of new energy sources and consumption models
  • Modernization of the Network itself
  • Improved security, reliability and regulatory compliance

    The discussion of these topics of great interest, with emphasis on the development of solutions in the United States and Brazil, will guide the presentations and debates of this Workshop that will have among its presenters personalities of expression and decision makers of the Electric Sector.


      Day 1 Time
    I. Welcome Coffee 13:30h
    II. Opening
    This opening will be presented by representatives from the USA and Brazil.
    III. Strategic Vision in the Modernization of Utilities

    • How does Federal Government policy and regulation drive modernization for electric utilities?
    • How are utilities weighing the cost-benefits of modernization?
    • What challenges exist to grid modernization?
    • Is Modernization and Digitalization a non-return move?
    MME/ANEEL • DoE • Utility BR • Utility USA
    IV. Data Analytics

    Data acquisition systems from the field to Control Centers(Operation) send a huge amount of data to those centers. That data need to be treated to improve the Operation of the system. The Network Analytics Programs improve the performance indicators (DEC/FEC) and provide better reliability.
    The utilities are being flooded by terabytes (soon to be petabytes or even exabytes) of data. The objective of this panel is to present cases of various uses for Big Data and how utilities are using Big Data and Analytics to improve commercial operations, increase customer satisfaction, seek new business opportunities and transform their operations.

    • Is it possible to improve the mapping of assets Analytics?
    • Improve the relation with stakeholders (such as regulatory agencies), with regards to efficient management of reliability programs, considering incidents and indicators;
    • Improvement of DEF/FEC/Fault Costs indicators
    Landis&Gyr • Oracle • CISCO
      Day 2 Time
    V. Wireless Solutions with Licensed, Unlicensed, and Outsourced Networks - Advantages and Disadvantages

    Various telecommunications solutions can be utilized to service the needs of energy companies. Each of those solutions has pros and cons, in relation to one another.
    This panel will present the view of solution providers and users of wireless systems:

    • Own Systems or Outsourced?
    • Regulated or Free Spectrum Systems.
    • Critical Mission Telecommunications. What are they?
    Anatel • 4RF • Motorola • Harris
    VI. Coffee Break 10:30h
    VII. How to modernize your backbone - alternatives and concerns

    The telecommunications systems used in the Backbones of utilities are getting outdated and need to be replaced. This is a great challenge because systems with high reliability and trained technical teams are currently in place. However, the manufacturers' supports are being discontinued as new technologies become available.
    How to modernize telecom backbones with the lowest possible risk?

    • What modernization systems and processes are available?
    • Who has the experience? In Brazil and abroad.
    Ericsson • Nokia • Furnas • Duke • Energy
    VIII. Lunch 12:30h
    IX. Cybersecurity Practices in Generation, Transmission and Distribution

    Cybersecurity is one of the main concerns of the global power industry. In the United States the government via its organizations like NIST, NERC, FERC and others, has developed Public Policies directed to the cybernetic protection of Electrical Systems.
    After the 2015 and 2016 attacks in Ukraine that left hundreds of thousands of consumers without electricity, the alert level has increased.

    • What is the experience in the USA and Brazil?
    • How should we address the issue in Brazil? Individually, by each company or as a Sector of Critical Importance?
    X. Coffee Break 16:00h
    XI. Closing Panel - Brazil - US Dialogue

    Representatives of the governments of the United States and Brazil will present their views on the results of the Workshop.

    MME • DoC • MCTIC



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